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Finally, a new website

Some readers may remember the humble, one-page www.mietuslaw.com website that appeared in 2006 when Bill Evans and John Mietus started the Law Office of John Mietus, LLC.

At the time, a website was one of the countless tasks associated with creating the new firm, and I (John) thought I’d wait a bit to develop a “real” website. I wanted to be actively involved in its development, and I wanted it to reflect my longtime fondness for aviation. Some might also call me a perfectionist and procrastinator. These principles guaranteed that I would find it difficult to start what was to be an enjoyable and straightforward project.

After 14 years of “I’ll get around to it,” my domain registrar (which offered a free, one-page website builder) had been sold and -re-sold; one day this year the website simply disappeared. Clearly this was a sign(!) And the timing was right; the COVID-19 pandemic gave me the time to work on a website and the motivation to make myself more accessible to current and potential clients. I changed registrar and host and got to work.

My 2020 website is now online and provides basic information about me and my practice in what I hope is a more pleasant format (the old website set a low bar). Preparing it brought back many fond memories of my thirty years as an aviation regulatory lawyer, the companies that have relied on Bill and me for advice and representation, and the people, across the U.S. and the globe, with whom I’ve had a chance to work. It is an important, public representation of my vocation as an aviation lawyer and my avocation as an aviation enthusiast. I will endeavor to update it occasionally, though I know better than to make any promises. Perhaps I’ll start with a recreational post, explaining some of my image choices for the website.